Internationalization of Elixir applications with Gettext and Transifex

Our Forza Football app is translated into many languages, and therefore our push notifications have to be translated as well. This is an interesting problem to solve when the languages to translate to become more than you can handle by yourself.

Author's profile picture Andrea Leopardi on Elixir, Internationalization, Gettext, and Transifex

Gathering metrics in Elixir applications

Metrics are a fundamental part of most pieces of software. They’re a great insight on how a system behaves and performs, and can be used for different purposes, such as performance monitoring or alerting in case of anomalies.

Author's profile picture Andrea Leopardi on Elixir and Metrics

The Pursuit of Instant Pushes

At Football Addicts we strive to provide Forza Football users with the best possible experience, and lightning-fast push notifications is one of its aspects.

Author's profile picture Aleksei Magusev on Push notifications, Elixir, and Cassandra